WSDM '17- Proceedings of the Tenth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining

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SESSION: Keynote 1

Ten Years of Wisdom

SESSION: Paper Session 1: Social and Information Networks

Enterprise Employee Training via Project Team Formation

iPhone's Digital Marketplace: Characterizing the Big Spenders

Raising Graphs From Randomness to Reveal Information Networks

How Smart Does Your Profile Image Look?: Estimating Intelligence from Social Network Profile Images

Anticipating Information Needs Based on Check-in Activity

RedQueen: An Online Algorithm for Smart Broadcasting in Social Networks

Uncovering the Dynamics of Crowdlearning and the Value of Knowledge

Leveraging Behavioral Factorization and Prior Knowledge for Community Discovery and Profiling

Reducing Controversy by Connecting Opposing Views

Detecting and Characterizing Eating-Disorder Communities on Social Media

The Influence of Early Respondents: Information Cascade Effects in Online Event Scheduling

Evolution of Ego-networks in Social Media with Link Recommendations

Link Prediction with Cardinality Constraint

SESSION: Paper Session 2: Information Retrieval

Learning Parametric Models for Context-Aware Query Auto-Completion via Hawkes Processes

Does Document Relevance Affect the Searcher's Perception of Time?

Generating Illustrative Snippets for Open Data on the Web

Investigation of User Search Behavior While Facing Heterogeneous Search Services

Click Through Rate Prediction for Local Search Results

Document Retrieval Model Through Semantic Linking

A Concise Integer Linear Programming Formulation for Implicit Search Result Diversification

A Comparison of Document-at-a-Time and Score-at-a-Time Query Evaluation

ANNE: Improving Source Code Search using Entity Retrieval Approach

Partitioning and Segment Organization Strategies for Real-Time Selective Search on Document Streams

Modeling Event Importance for Ranking Daily News Events

A Cost Model for Long-Term Compressed Data Retention

SESSION: PE Keynote 1

Neural Models for Full Text Search

SESSION: Paper Session 3: Time, Space and Crowds

Reliable Medical Diagnosis from Crowdsourcing: Discover Trustworthy Answers from Non-Experts

PRED: Periodic Region Detection for Mobility Modeling of Social Media Users

Applying Space Syntax to Online Mapping Tools

Semantic-aware Query Processing for Activity Trajectories

SESSION: Keynote 2

Keeping Apace with Progress in Natural Language Processing

SESSION: Paper Session 4: Text and Knowledge Mining

Task-Guided and Path-Augmented Heterogeneous Network Embedding for Author Identification

Beyond the Words: Predicting User Personality from Heterogeneous Information

German Typographers vs. German Grammar: Decomposition of Wikipedia Category Labels into Attribute-Value Pairs

Comparative Document Analysis for Large Text Corpora

Constructing and Embedding Abstract Event Causality Networks from Text Snippets

Fun Facts: Automatic Trivia Fact Extraction from Wikipedia

Related Event Discovery

Lightweight Multilingual Entity Extraction and Linking

Predicting Completeness in Knowledge Bases

Synthesis of Forgiving Data Extractors

Concept Embedded Convolutional Semantic Model for Question Retrieval

Summarizing Answers in Non-Factoid Community Question-Answering

Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Networks with Causality-Attention for Why-Question Answering

SESSION: Paper Session 5: Networks and Recommendation

Joint Deep Modeling of Users and Items Using Reviews for Recommendation

Multi-Product Utility Maximization for Economic Recommendation

Groove Radio: A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Personalized Playlist Generation

Temporally Factorized Network Modeling for Evolutionary Network Analysis

Not Enough Data?: Joint Inferring Multiple Diffusion Networks via Network Generation Priors

Online Matrix Completion for Signed Link Prediction

Social Collaborative Viewpoint Regression with Explainable Recommendations

Recurrent Recommender Networks

Bartering Books to Beers: A Recommender System for Exchange Platforms

Neural Survival Recommender

Directed Edge Recommender System

SESSION: PE Keynote 2

Machine Learning at Amazon

SESSION: Paper Session 6: Social Networks and Graphs

Online Actions with Offline Impact: How Online Social Networks Influence Online and Offline User Behavior

Social Incentive Optimization in Online Social Networks

Counting Graphlets: Space vs Time

Representation Learning with Pair-wise Constraints for Collaborative Ranking

SESSION: Keynote 3

Statistical Spoken Dialogue Systems and the Challenges for Machine Learning

SESSION: PE Keynote 3

Primum Non Nocere: Healthcare In The Digital Age

SESSION: Paper Session 7: Ads, Time, Space, A/B Testing

Managing Risk of Bidding in Display Advertising

Predicting Online Purchase Conversion for Retargeting

Motifs in Temporal Networks

Modeling Air Travel Choice Behavior with Mixed Kernel Density Estimations

Location Influence in Location-based Social Networks

Probabilistic Social Sequential Model for Tour Recommendation

Trustworthy Analysis of Online A/B Tests: Pitfalls, challenges and solutions

Learning Sensitive Combinations of A/B Test Metrics

SESSION: Paper Session 8: ML, Embeddings and Tensors

Real-Time Bidding by Reinforcement Learning in Display Advertising

Deep Memory Networks for Attitude Identification

D-Cube: Dense-Block Detection in Terabyte-Scale Tensors

Modeling Document Networks with Tree-Averaged Copula Regularization

Multilinear Factorization Machines for Multi-Task Multi-View Learning

Algorithms for Active Classifier Selection: Maximizing Recall with Precision Constraints

DiSMEC: Distributed Sparse Machines for Extreme Multi-label Classification

Label Informed Attributed Network Embedding

Embedding of Embedding (EOE): Joint Embedding for Coupled Heterogeneous Networks

Random Semantic Tensor Ensemble for Scalable Knowledge Graph Link Prediction

S-HOT: Scalable High-Order Tucker Decomposition

SESSION: Paper Session 9: New Search Models

Unsupervised Ranking using Graph Structures and Node Attributes

Unbiased Learning-to-Rank with Biased Feedback

Learning from User Interactions in Personal Search via Attribute Parameterization

Delving Deep into Personal Photo and Video Search

SESSION: PE Keynote 4

Harnessing the Power of Data Science through Research


Neural Text Embeddings for Information Retrieval

Utilizing Knowledge Graphs in Text-centricInformation Retrieval

Social Media Anomaly Detection: Challenges and Solutions

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop Summaries

Workshop on Scholarly Web Mining (SWM 2017)

Mining Actionable Insights from Social Networksat WSDM 2017

1st International Workshop on Search and Mining Terrorist Online Content & Advances in Data Science for Cyber Security and Risk on the Web

WSDM 2017 Workshop on Mining Online Health Reports: MOHRS 2017


WSDM Cup 2017: Vandalism Detection and Triple Scoring

SESSION: Doctoral Consortiums

Beyond Query Logs: Recommendation and Evaluation

Recommender Systems: Research Direction

Modeling Source Code to Support Retrieval-Based Applications

Scalable Text Analysis

Quantifying and Bursting the Online Filter Bubble

New Probabilistic Models for Recommender Systems with Rich Contextual and Content Information

Mining Medical Causality for Diagnosis Assistance

Adapting Information Retrieval to User Signals via Stochastic Models

Modeling Navigation in Information Networks