Web-KR '14- Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Web-scale Knowledge Representation Retrieval & Reasoning

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SESSION: Web-scale Knowledge Extraction and Representation

  • Yi Zeng

Structured Information Extraction from Natural Disaster Events on Twitter

  • Sandeep Panem
  • Manish Gupta
  • Vasudeva Varma

A Study on the CBOW Model's Overfitting and Stability

  • Qun Luo
  • Weiran Xu
  • Jun Guo

JTOWL: A JSON to OWL Converto

  • Yuangang Yao
  • Runpu Wu
  • Hui Liu

Dynamic Topic/Citation Influence Modeling for Chronological Citation Recommendation

  • Zhuoren Jiang
  • Xiaozhong Liu
  • Liangcai Gao

SESSION: Web-scale Knowledge Extraction and Representation

  • Yi Zeng

Learning the Mapping Rules for Sentiment Analysis

  • Saravadee Sae Tan
  • Lay-Ki Soon
  • Tek Yong Lim
  • Enya Kong Tang
  • Chu Kiong Loo

Clustering and Labeling a Web Scale Document Collection using Wikipedia clusters

  • Richi Nayak
  • Rachel Mills
  • Christopher De-Vries
  • Shlomo Geva

Repairing Inconsistent Taxonomies Using MAP Inference and Rules of Thumb

  • Elie Merhej
  • Steven Schockaert
  • Martine De Cock
  • Marjon Blondeel
  • Daniele Alfarone
  • Jesse Davis

Structure Learning of Bayesian Network with Latent Variables by Weight-Induced Refinement

  • Chao He
  • Kun Yue
  • Hao Wu
  • Weiyi Liu

Learning to Match Heterogeneous Structures using Partially Labeled Data

  • Saravadee Sae Tan
  • Tek Yong Lim
  • Lay-Ki Soon
  • Enya Kong Tang

Novel Query Suggestions: Initial Work Report

  • Ilona Nawrot
  • Oskar Gross
  • Antoine Doucet
  • Hannu Toivonen

Semantic Exploration of Sensor Data

  • Snehasis Banerjee
  • Abhishek Mishra
  • Ranjan Dasgupta

Enabling Social Search in Time through Graphs

  • Kostas Stefanidis
  • Georgia Koloniari