UMAP '17- Adjunct Publication of the 25th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization

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SESSION: Late-Breaking Results, Demonstration and Theory, Opinion & Reflection Papers

UMAP'17 Late-Breaking Results, Demonstration and Theory, Opinion & Reflection Papers Chairs' Preface & Organization

Automated Data-Driven Hints for Computer Programming Students

A Comprehensive Approach to Group Recommendations in the Travel and Tourism Domain

Aspect-aware Point-of-Interest Recommendation with Geo-Social Influence

The TagRec Framework as a Toolkit for the Development of Tag-Based Recommender Systems

Everybody, More or Less, likes Serendipity

Learning User Preferences by Observing User-Items Interactions in an IoT Augmented Space

"OMG! How did it know that?": Reactions to Highly-Personalized Ads

The Influence of Culture in the Effect of Age and Gender on Social Influence in Persuasive Technology

The Influence of Personality on Mobile Web Credibility

On the Relations Between Cooking Interests, Hobbies and Nutritional Values of Online Recipes: Implications for Health-Aware Recipe Recommender Systems

Leveraging Interfaces to Improve Recommendation Diversity

Personalised Diversification Using Intent-Aware Portfolio

A Data-driven Approach to Identifying Music Listener Groups based on Users' Playrate Distributions of Listening Events

Certificate Achievement Unlocked: How Does MOOC Learners' Behaviour Change?

Psychomotor Learning in Martial Arts: an Opportunity for User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization

User Nutrition Modelling and Recommendation: Balancing Simplicity and Complexity

Toward Caring Assessment Systems

Semantic Interpretation of Search Queries for Personalization

Forró Trainer: Automated Feedback for Partner Dance Learning

A Web-based Application for Recommending Travel Regions

POSTER SESSION: Doctoral Consortium Posters

UMAP 2017 Doctoral Consortium Chairs' Welcome

Adaptive Support For Group Formation In Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

An Approach to Social News Recommendation based on Focused Crawling and Sentiment Analysis

Addressing Temporal Aspects in User Modelling

Modelling User Behaviors with Evolving Users and Catalogs of Evolving Items

Modeling and Developing a Learning Design System based on Graphic Organizers

Propensity Modelling for Intelligent Content


UMAP'17 Workshops & Tutorials Chairs' Introduction

SESSION: EdRecSys: Educational Recommender Systems

UMAP 2017 EdRecSys Workshop Organizers' Welcome & Organization

Comparing Peer Recommendation Strategies in a MOOC

Content Wizard: Concept-Based Recommender System for Instructors of Programming Courses

Course-Driven Teacher Modeling for Learning Objects Recommendation in the Moodle LMS

Discovering Hidden Course Requirements and Student Competences from Grade Data

RUTICO: Recommending Successful Learning Paths Under Time Constraints

Recommending Programming Languages by Identifying Skill Gaps Using Analysis of Experts. A Study of Stack Overflow

Personalized Behavior Recommendation: A Case Study of Applicability to 13 Courses on edX

SESSION: EvalUMAP: Towards Comparative Evaluation in User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization

2nd International EvalUMAP Workshop (EvalUMAP2017) Chairs' Preface & Organization

Layered Evaluation of a Personalized Interaction Approach

Synthesis & Evaluation of a Mobile Notification Dataset

On the Reusability of Personalized Test Collections

Generating Labeled Datasets of Twitter Users

Measuring Predictive Performance of User Models: The Details Matter

Proposing an Evaluation Task for Identifying Struggling Students in Online Courses

A Corpus for Modeling Personalities of Web Forum Users

SESSION: HAAPIE: Human Aspects in Adaptive and Personalized Interactive Environments

UMAP 2017 HAAPIE (Human Aspects in Adaptive and Personalized Interactive Environments) Workshop Chairs' Preface & Organization

Personalizing Social Influence Strategies in a Q&A Social Network

A Personalized Interaction Approach: Motivation and Use Case

A Detailed Analysis of the Impact of Tie Strength and Conflicts on Social Influence

The Influence of City Size on Dietary Choices

International Large-Scale Assessments and Culture: Implications for Designing Educational Technology

Individual Differences in Music Video Interaction: An exploratory Analysis

Impact of Individual Differences on User Experience with a Visualization Interface for Public Engagement

Oblivion Tracking: Towards a Probabilistic Working Memory Model for the Adaptation of Systems to Alzheimer Patients

Towards Adaptive Height-Aware Public Interactive Displays

Real-Time Public Transport Navigation on Smartwatches: A Comparison with a Smartphone-based Solution

Leveraging Pupil Dilation Measures for Understanding Users' Cognitive Load During Visualization Processing

SESSION: PALE: Personalization Approaches in Learning Environments

UMAP 2017 PALE Workshop Organizers' Welcome

Should Learning Material's Selection be Adapted to Learning Style and Personality?

Education-specific Tag Recommendation in CQA Systems

BIG-AFF: Exploring Low Cost and Low Intrusive Infrastructures for Affective Computing in Secondary Schools

Conceptualizing a Framework for Adaptive Exercise Selection with Personality as a Major Learner Characteristic

Should We Give Learners Control Over Item Difficulty?

Modeling Psychomotor Activity: Current Approaches and Open Issues

Experiences Using an Interactive Presentation Platform in a Functional and Logic Programming Course

SESSION: PATCH: Personalized Access to Cultural Heritage

UMAP 2017 PATCH 2017: Personalized Access to Cultural Heritage Organizers' Welcome

Do Museum Visitors See what Educators Want Them to See?

Empowering CH Experts to Produce IoT-enhanced Visits

A Social Cultural Recommender based on Linked Open Data

Busy versus Empty Museums: Effects of Visitors' Crowd on Users' Behaviors in Smart Museums

When will Cultural Heritage Content Creation Get to the Digital Age?

Thematic Maps for Geographical Information Search

Cultural Heritage Gaming: Effects of Human Cognitive Styles on Players' Performance and Visual Behavior

SESSION: SOAP: Surprise, Opposition, and Obstruction in Adaptive and Personalized Systems

UMAP 2017 Workshop on Surprise, Opposition, and Obstruction in Adaptive and Personalized Systems: Organizers' Welcome & Organization

Introducing Surprise and Opposition by Design in Recommender Systems

Graph Embedding Based Recommendation Techniques on the Knowledge Graph

A Framework for Computational Serendipity

Distance- and Rank-based Music Mainstreaminess Measurement

SESSION: THUM: Temporal and Holistic User Modeling

UMAP 2017 THUM Workshop Chairs' Welcome & Organization

An Approach to Improve Physical Activity by Generating Individual Implementation Intentions

Social Recommendation with Time and Sentiment Analysis

Predicting Age and Gender by Keystroke Dynamics and Mouse Patterns

User's Social Media Profile as Predictor of Empathy

HappyFit: Time-aware Visualization for Daily Physical Activity and Virtual Reality Games

SESSION: WPPG: Fifty Shades of Personalization - Workshop on Personalization in Serious and Persuasive Games and Gameful Interactions

UMAP 2017 Fifty Shades of Personalization - Workshop on Personalization in Serious and Persuasive Games and Gameful Interactions: Organizers' Welcome & Organization

A Gamified System for Influencing Healthy E-commerce Shopping Habits

Qualitative Study into Adapting Persuasive Games for Mental Wellbeing to Personality, Stressors and Attitudes

An Adaptive Learning with Gamification & Conversational UIs: The Rise of CiboPoliBot

A Comparison of System-Controlled and User-Controlled Personalization Approaches

Investigation of the Social Predictors of Competitive Behavior and the Moderating Effect of Culture

Recommender Systems for Personalized Gamification

Designing a Personalized VR Exergame