UCUI '15- Proceedings of the ACM First International Workshop on Understanding the City with Urban Informatics

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SESSION: Keynote Address 1

Using an Online Spatial Analytics Workbench for Understanding Changing Housing Markets across Australian Cities

SESSION: Smart Cities

Towards the Internet of Cities: A Research Roadmap for Next-Generation Smart Cities

Identification of (near) Real-time Traffic Congestion in the Cities of Australia through Twitter

Enabling Smart Transit with Real-time Trip Planning

SESSION: Keynote Address 2

Urban Informatics beyond Data: Media Architecture, Placemaking, and Citizen Action

SESSION: Urban Informatics

Visualization Oriented Spatiotemporal Urban Data Management and Retrieval

Towards the Semantic Interpretation of Personal Health Messages from Social Media

SESSION: Challenges followed by Urban Informatics Data Challenge Presentations

Spatial Justice: Towards an Ethics of Spatial Equity