LocWeb '14- Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Location and the Web

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SESSION: Invited Talk

Two Ways of Thinking About Where People Go

  • Vanessa Murdock

SESSION: Full Papers

On the Semantic Annotation of Daily Places: A Machine-Learning Approach

  • Chih-Wei Chang
  • Yao-Chung Fan
  • Kuo-Chen Wu
  • Arbee L.P. Chen

Automatic Identification of Locative Expressions from Social Media Text: A Comparative Analysis

  • Fei Liu
  • Maria Vasardani
  • Timothy Baldwin

Hybrid Quantized Resource Descriptions for Geospatial Source Selection

  • Stefan Kufer
  • Andreas Henrich

Considering Common Data Model for Indoor Location-aware Services

  • Long Niu
  • Shinsuke Matsumoto
  • Sachio Saiki
  • Masahide Nakamura

SESSION: Short Papers

HMM-based Address Parsing with Massive Synthetic Training Data Generation

  • Xiang Li
  • Hakan Kardes
  • Xin Wang
  • Ang Sun

Automatic Zoom Level Prediction for Informal Location Descriptions

  • Igor Tytyk
  • Timothy Baldwin