JCDL '16- Proceedings of the 16th ACM/IEEE-CS on Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

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SESSION: Keynote Talks

Future Digital Libraries: Research and Responsibilities

The State of Practice and Use of Digital Collections: The Digital Public Library of America as a platform for research

The Energy of Delusion: The New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC) & The Digital

SESSION: Paper Session 1: Wikipedia and Newspaper Analysis

Querylog-based Assessment of Retrievability Bias in a Large Newspaper Corpus

Digital History Meets Wikipedia: Analyzing Historical Persons in Wikipedia

Quality Assessment of Wikipedia Articles without Feature Engineering

Glyph Miner: A System for Efficiently Extracting Glyphs from Early Prints in the Context of OCR

SESSION: Paper Session 2: Curation and Education

Enhancing Scholarly Use of Digital Libraries: A Comparative Survey and Review of Bibliographic Metadata Ontologies

Data Curation with a Focus on Reuse

Unraveling K-12 Standard Alignment: Report on a New Attempt

Research on the Follow-up Actions of College Students' Mobile Search

SESSION: Paper Session 3: Web Archiving

Routing Memento Requests Using Binary Classifiers

The Dawn of Today's Popular Domains: A Study of the Archived German Web over 18 Years

ArchiveSpark: Efficient Web Archive Access, Extraction and Derivation

SESSION: Paper Session 4: Search

Low-cost Semantic Enhancement to Digital Library Metadata and Indexing: Simple Yet Effective Strategies

Desiderata for Exploratory Search Interfaces to Web Archives in Support of Scholarly Activities

Content Selection and Curation for Web Archiving: The Gatekeepers vs. the Masses

Towards Better Understanding of Academic Search

Investigating Cluster Stability when Analyzing Transaction Logs

SESSION: Paper Session 5: Q&A and Gaming

Experimental Evaluation of Affective Embodied Agents in an Information Literacy Game

Evaluating the Quality of Educational Answers in Community Question-Answering

Music Information Seeking via Social Q&A: An Analysis of Questions in Music StackExchange Community

SESSION: Paper Session 6: Publication Mining

PDFFigures 2.0: Mining Figures from Research Papers

Comparing Published Scientific Journal Articles to Their Pre-print Versions

Extracting Academic Genealogy Trees from the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations

Predicting Medical Subject Headings Based on Abstract Similarity and Citations to MEDLINE Records

SESSION: Paper Session 7: Recommendation and Prediction

Profiling vs. Time vs. Content: What does Matter for Top-k Publication Recommendation based on Twitter Profiles?

Early Prediction of Scholar Popularity

Evaluating Link-based Recommendations for Wikipedia

SESSION: Posters and Demos

Context Matters: Towards Extracting a Citation's Context Using Linguistic Features

Knowledge Curation Discussions and Activity Dynamics in a Short Lived Social Q&A Community

Avoiding the Drunkard's Search: Investigating Collection Strategies for Building a Twitter Dataset

BIBSURF: Discover Bibliographic Entities by Searching for Units of Interest, Ranking and Filtering

Mining Advisor-Advisee Relationships in Scholarly Big Data: A Deep Learning Approach

Who are the Rising Stars in Academia?

Can you learn it?: Probably! Developing Learning Analytics Tools in R

Characterizing Users Tagging Behavior in Academic Blogs

Towards Identifying Potential Research Collaborations from Scientific Research Networks using Scholarly Data

Personal Video Collection Management Behavior

Knowledge Extraction for Literature Review

Question Identification and Classification on an Academic Question Answering Site

Increasing Datasets Discoverability in an Engineering Data Platform using Keyword Extraction

Semantic Bookworm: Mining Literary Resources Revisited

Making Literature Review and Manuscript Writing Tasks Easier for Novice Researchers through Rec4LRW System

Can Academic Conferences Promote Research Collaboration?

Coagmento 2.0: A System for Capturing Individual and Group Information Seeking Behavior

Semantometrics: Towards Fulltext-based Research Evaluation

A Supervised Learning Algorithm for Binary Domain Classification of Web Queries using SERPs

How to Identify Specialized Research Communities Related to a Researcher's Changing Interests

Visualizing Published Metadata in Large Aggregations

MemGator - A Portable Concurrent Memento Aggregator: Cross-Platform CLI and Server Binaries in Go

Leveraging Tweet Ranking in an Optimization Frameworkfor Tweet Timeline Generation

Evaluating Cost of Cloud Execution in a Data Repository

Games for Crowdsourcing Mobile Content: An Analysis of Contribution Patterns

A Methodology to Evaluate Triple Confidence and Detect Incorrect Triples in Knowledge Bases

Open Datasets for Evaluating the Interpretation of Bibliographic Records

An Example of Automatic Authority Control

User Activity Characterization in a Cultural Heritage Digital Library System

A Mathematical Information Retrieval System Based on RankBoost

Using Co-authorship Networks for Author Name Disambiguation

Real-time Filtering on Interest Profiles in Twitter Stream

Preliminary Exploration of the Effect of Time Constraint on Search Interactions on Webpages

Exploiting Network Analysis to Investigate Topic Dynamics in the Digital Library Evaluation Domain

Inventor Name Disambiguation for a Patent Database Using a Random Forest and DBSCAN

Big Data Processing of School Shooting Archives

InterPlanetary Wayback: The Permanent Web Archive

Improving Similar Document Retrieval Using a Recursive Pseudo Relevance Feedback Strategy

Curve Separation for Line Graphs in Scholarly Documents


Issues of Dealing with Fluid Data in Digital Libraries

Panel: Preserving Born-digital News


Introduction to Digital Libraries

Introduction to the Digital Public Library of America API

Information Extraction for Scholarly Digital Libraries

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop Summaries

ACHS'16: First International Workshop on Accessing Cultural Heritage at Scale

Physical Samples and Digital Libraries

WADL 2016: Third International Workshop on Web Archiving and Digital Libraries

5th International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications (WOSP 2016)

Joint Workshop on Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing for Digital Libraries (BIRNDL 2016)