HT '17- Proceedings of the 28th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media

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SESSION: Keynotes

A Meme is Not a Virus: The Role of Cognitive Heuristics in Information Diffusion

What Happened To The Semantic Web?

SESSION: Full Papers

Clarity is a Worthwhile Quality: On the Role of Task Clarity in Microtask Crowdsourcing

Tiree Tales: A Co-operative Inquiry into the Poetics of Location-Based Narrative

Entity-centric Data Fusion on the Web

Revisiting Hypertext Infrastructure

Hyperlocal Home Location Identification of Twitter Profiles

Estimating Relative User Expertise for Content Quality Prediction on Reddit

Hate is not Binary: Studying Abusive Behavior of #GamerGate on Twitter

Place-Type Detection in Location-Based Social Networks

A Measurement Study of Hate Speech in Social Media

The Nature of Real and Perceived Bias in Chilean Media

Discovering Typical Histories of Entities by Multi-Timeline Summarization

There and Here: Patterns of Content Transclusion in Wikipedia

Negative Link Prediction and Its Applications in Online Political Networks

Multiple Images of the City: Unveiling Group-Specific Urban Perceptions through a Crowdsourcing Game

Quantifying Location Sociality

Leveraging Followee List Memberships for Inferring User Interests for Passive Users on Twitter

Evaluating Navigational RDF Queries over the Web

Linking Content Information with Bayesian Personalized Ranking via Multiple Content Alignments

Does Personality Matter?: A Study of Personality and Situational Effects on Consumer Behavior

SESSION: Short Papers

Demographics of News Sharing in the U.S. Twittersphere

Detection of Trending Topic Communities: Bridging Content Creators and Distributors

Bumps and Bruises: Mining Presidential Campaign Announcements on Twitter

Eatery: A Multi-Aspect Restaurant Rating System

SENA: Preserving Social Structure for Network Embedding

A Hypervideo Model for Learning Objects

Engaging Neighbors: The Double-Edged Sword of Mobilization Messaging in Hyper-Local Online Forums

Tags, Titles or Q&As?: Choosing Content Descriptors for Visual Recommender Systems

Linguistic Diversities of Demographic Groups in Twitter

Interactive Concert Programs for Live Performances: A Presentation Software Integrating Slideshow and Hypertext Concepts

Review Recommendation for Points of Interest's Owners

Multi-part Representation Learning For Cross-domain Web Content Classification Using Neural Networks


Crowdsourcing the Verification of Fake News and Alternative Facts

OnToMap: Semantic Community Maps for Knowledge Sharing

Stolperwege: An App for a Digital Public History of the Holocaust

Exploring Cross-cultural Crowd Sentiments on Twitter