HT '14- Proceedings of the 25th ACM conference on Hypertext and social media

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SESSION: Keynotes

The wisdom of ad-hoc crowds

Big data visualization engines for understanding the development of countries, social networks, culture and cities

SESSION: Full papers

Scalable learning of users' preferences using networked data

Recognizing skill networks and their specific communication and connection practices

Online popularity and topical interests through the lens of instagram

Scalable, generic, and adaptive systems for focused crawling

An author-reader influence model for detecting topic-based influencers in social media

Exploiting the wisdom of the crowds for characterizing and connecting heterogeneous resources

Cross-site personalization: assisting users in addressing information needs that span independently hosted websites

A linked data approach to care coordination

Reader preferences and behavior on Wikipedia

A study of age gaps between online friends

Understanding and controlling the filter bubble through interactive visualization: a user study

The shortest path to happiness: recommending beautiful, quiet, and happy routes in the city

Comparing the pulses of categorical hot events in Twitter and Weibo

Analyzing images' privacy for the modern web

Is distrust the negation of trust?: the value of distrust in social media

Automatic discovery of global and local equivalence relationships in labeled geo-spatial data

Evaluating the helpfulness of linked entities to readers

Asking the right question in collaborative q&a systems

Empirical analysis of implicit brand networks on social media

SESSION: Short papers

Am i more similar to my followers or followees?: analyzing homophily effect in directed social networks

Understanding mass cooperation through visualization

How you post is who you are: characterizing google+ status updates across social groups

A taxonomy of microtasks on the web

The AMAS authoring tool 2.0: a UX evaluation

Balancing diversity to counter-measure geographical centralization in microblogging platforms

Inferring nationalities of Twitter users and studying inter-national linking

Sociolinguistic analysis of Twitter in multilingual societies

Co-following on twitter

A behavior analytics approach to identifying tweets from crisis regions

Finding mr and mrs entity in the city of knowledge

Self-adaptive filtering using pid feedback controller in electronic commerce

On the choice of data sources to improve content discoverability via textual feature optimization

On the predictability of talk attendance at academic conferences

Twitter in academic conferences: usage, networking and participation over time

POSTER SESSION: Posters and demos

A rating aggregation method for generating product reputations

A focused crawler for mining hate and extremism promoting videos on YouTube.

Spatio-temporal quality issues for local search

A two-tier index architecture for fast processing large RDF data over distributed memory

Spatial hypertext modeling for dynamic contents authoring system based on transclusion

TagRec: towards a standardized tag recommender benchmarking framework

SocRecM: a scalable social recommender engine for online marketplaces

Cross-hierarchical communication in Twitter conflicts

A DSL based on CSS for hypertext adaptation

Fake tweet buster: a webtool to identify users promoting fake news ontwitter

Inferring social ties from common activities in twitter

FoP: never-ending face recognition and data lifting

Why you follow: a classification scheme for twitter follow links

Buon appetito: recommending personalized menus

AIRCacher: virtual geocaching powered with augmented reality