ESAIR '15- Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval

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SESSION: Keynote

Semantic Entities

Open and Closed Schema for Aligning Knowledge and Text Collections

SESSION: Interactions and Roles

Applying Semantic Web Technologies for Improving the Visibility of Tourism Data

Contextualizing Data on a Content Management System

Harnessing Semantics for Answer Sentence Retrieval

Named Entity Disambiguation for Resource-Poor Languages

SESSION: Evaluation Metrics

Knowledge-Driven Video Information Retrieval with LOD: From Semi-Structured to Structured Video Metadata

Temporal Reconciliation for Dating Photographs Using Entity Information


An Interface Sketch for Queripidia: Query-driven Knowledge Portfolios from the Web

CADEminer: A System for Mining Consumer Reports on Adverse Drug Side Effects

Hugo: Entity-based News Search and Summarisation