ESAIR '14- Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval

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SESSION: Keynote Address

  • Jaap Kamps

Semantic Search at Yahoo!

  • Peter Mika

SESSION: Keynote Address

  • Omar Alonso

Linking to Web Knowledge Bases and Applications to Web Search

  • Silviu Petru Cucerzan

SESSION: Boaster Session

  • Jaap Kamps

Documents Search Using Semantics Criteria

  • Santiago Cotelo
  • Alejandro Makowski
  • Luis Chiruzzo
  • Dina Wonsever

Towards Named-Entity-based Similarity Measures: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Tom De Nies
  • Christian Beecks
  • Wesley De Neve
  • Thomas Seidl
  • Erik Mannens
  • Rik Van de Walle

Can Corpus Similarity-Based Self-Annotation Assist Information Retrieval?

  • Vinay Deolalikar

AIDA-Social: Entity Linking on the Social Stream

  • Yusra Ibrahim
  • Mohamed Amir Yosef
  • Gerhard Weikum

A Probabilistic Concept Annotation for IT Service Desk Tickets

  • Ea-Ee Jan
  • Kuan-Yu Chen
  • Tsuyoshi Ide

Semantic Annotation with RescoredESA: Rescoring Concept Features Generated From Explicit Semantic Analysis

  • Zhuoren Jiang
  • Miao Chen
  • Xiaozhong Liu

Using Semantic Role Labeling to Predict Answer Types

  • Zuyao Li
  • Peter Exner
  • Pierre Nugues

Leverage the Associations between Documents, Subject Headings and Terms to Enhance Retrieval

  • Jin Mao
  • Kun Lu

Bringing Head Closer to the Tail with Entity Linking

  • Manisha Verma
  • Diego Ceccarelli

A Fragment-Based Similarity Measure for Concept Hierarchies and Ontologies

  • Hui Yang

Exploiting Inference from Semantic Annotations for Information Retrieval: Reflections From Medical IR

  • Guido Zuccon
  • Bevan Koopman
  • Peter Bruza