DUBMOD '14- Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Data-Driven User Behavioral Modeling and Mining from Social Media

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SESSION: Models and Systems for Influencing User Behavior

  • Liang Chen

Dare to Compare: Motivating Expertise Building in the Enterprise through Intelligent User Modeling Interfaces

  • Mercan Topkara
  • Justin D. Weisz
  • Shimei Pan
  • Jie Lu
  • Jennifer Lai

PPLUM: A Framework for Large-Scale Personal Persuasion

  • Shimei Pan
  • Michelle Zhou

An Improved Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Combining User Activity Level

  • Jiaqi Fan
  • Lisi Jiang
  • Weimin Pan

Enhanced Customer Churn Prediction using Social Network Analysis

  • Marwa N. Abd-Allah
  • Akram Salah
  • Samhaa R. El-Beltagy

SESSION: Scalable, Multi-Platform Analysis of User Behavior

  • Yi Zeng

Behavioral Segmentation of Pinterest Users

  • Jolie M. Martin

Context over Time: Modeling Context Evolution in Social Media

  • Md. Hijbul Alam
  • Woo-Jong Ryu
  • SangKeun Lee

Query Aggregation in Session Search

  • Dongyi Guan
  • Hui Yang