DOLAP '15- Proceedings of the ACM Eighteenth International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP

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SESSION: Data Warehouse Design

Eco-DMW: Eco-Design Methodology for Data warehouses

SWOT: A Conceptual Data Warehouse Model for Semantic Trajectories

Towards a Programmable Semantic Extract-Transform-Load Framework for Semantic Data Warehouses

SESSION: Database Modeling

Homogenizing Data and Metadata Retrieval in Scientific Applications

Big Data Design

SESSION: Query Processing

Nearest Neighbour Join with Groups and Predicates

S3J: A Parallel Semi-Stream Similarity Join

SpotADAPT: Spot-Aware (re-)Deployment of Analytical Processing Tasks on Amazon EC2

SESSION: Text Processing

Towards OLAP Analysis of Multidimensional Tweet Streams

Resolving Common Analytical Tasks in Text Databases

Efficient Visualisation of the Relative Distribution of Keyword Search Results in a Corpus Data Cube

Supporting Data Integration Tasks with Semi-Automatic Ontology Construction