DocEng '14- Proceedings of the 2014 ACM symposium on Document engineering

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SESSION: Keynote address

The evolving scholarly record: new uses and new forms

SESSION: Modeling and representation

ActiveTimesheets: extending web-based multimedia documents with dynamic modification and reuse features

Automated refactoring for size reduction of CSS style sheets

FlexiFont: a flexible system to generate personal font libraries

Circular coding with interleaving phase

SESSION: Document analysis I

A new sentence similarity assessment measure based on a three-layer sentence representation

Paper stitching using maximum tolerant seam under local distortions

Abstract argumentation for reading order detection

Generating summary documents for a variable-quality PDF document collection

SESSION: Document analysis II

Transforming graph-based sentence representations to alleviate overfitting in relation extraction

Ruling analysis and classification of torn documents

On automatic text segmentation

P-GTM: privacy-preserving google tri-gram method for semantic text similarity

SESSION: Keynote address

Web-intrinsic interactive documents

SESSION: Collections, systems and management

Fine-grained change detection in structured text documents

Classifying and ranking search engine results as potential sources of plagiarism

An ensemble approach for text document clustering using Wikipedia concepts

Image-based document management: aggregating collections of handwritten forms

SESSION: Applications I

ARCTIC: metadata extraction from scientific papers in pdf using two-layer CRF

Connecting content and annotations with livestroke

Building digital project rooms for web meetings

The virtual splitter: refactoring web applications for themultiscreen environment

SimSeerX: a similar document search engine

SESSION: Generation, manipulation and presentation

Pagination: it's what you say, not how long it takes to say it

Extracting web content for personalized presentation

Truncation: all the news that fits we'll print

JAR tool: using document analysis for improving the throughput of high performance printing environments

SESSION: Applications II

Humanist-centric tools for big data: berkeley prosopography services

The impact of prior knowledge on searching in software documentation

What academics want when reading digitally

A platform for language independent summarization

SESSION: Workshops & tutorial

Document changes: modeling, detection, storage and visualization (DChanges 2014)

Semantic analysis of documents workshop (SemADoc): extended abstract

DH-CASE II: collaborative annotations in shared environments: metadata, tools and techniques in the digital humanities

DOCENG 2014: PDF tutorial