The latest Summer 2020 issue of the SIGWEB Newsletter is available on ACM Digital Library. Our new quarterly newsletter publication aims to communicate with our members news, interviews and events that are of interest to people in the field of Hypertext and Hypermedia. An archive of past issues of the newsletter, in digital form, is available through the ACM Digital Library.

A characteristic that makes SIGWEB special and differentiates it from other ACM SIGs is that it has created a dynamic atmosphere where scientists, systems designers, end-users, writers, and people from the humanities all feel welcome and can come together to discuss hypertext and the Web in all its forms. An underlying source of this "buzz" that surrounds any SIGWEB meeting (in both the physical and virtual worlds) is that there has always been a willingness of SIGWEB members to volunteer and foster a community spirit.

Grants of up to $2,000 USD are available to support small research events related to a research community supported by SIGWEB.
These awards are at the discretion of the SIGWEB Executive committee and may be applied for at any time by completing the below form.

Grants of up to $750 USD are available for students travelling to attend any SIGWEB Sponsored Conference.

To apply for a Student Travel Grant, please check the conference page for the year you are attending where details on the application process for that conference should be, or contact the conference Chair to see how you may apply.

Alternatively, for more details you may also contact the SIGWEB Liaison for the relevant conference as detailed below.