The ACM Hypertext 2004 Conference has now concluded. Over 110 people attended the event, participating in a vigorous exchange of information and views on hypertext and hypermedia.

Several awards were presented during the conference:

Douglas Engelbart Best Paper Award

Twin Media : Hypertext Structure Under Pressure
David Kolb

Special Research Distinction for Excellent Presentation of Theoretical Concepts

A Comparison of Hyperstructures: Zzstructures, mSpaces, and Polyarchies
Michael J. McGuffin, monica c. schraefel

Ted Nelson Newcomer Award

Integrating Information Seeking and Structuring:
Exploring the Role of Spatial Hypertexts in a Digital Library

George Buchanan, Ann Blandford, Matt Jones, Harold Thimbleby



August 16, 2004
Douglas Engelbart keynote presentation slides now available.

August 16, 2004
David Kolb wins ACM Engelbart Award for research on hypertext argumentation.

August 16, 2004
The conference discussion board has been taken down.

August 4, 2004
The final conference program is now available.

August 4, 2004
BOF session on Networked Improvement Communities and Augmenting Community IQ Saturday, Aug. 14.

August 3, 2004
Hypertext 2005 is in Salzburg, Austria, September 6-10, 2005.

July 29, 2004
An interview with Dan Gillmor, Keynote Speaker at HT04.

July 1, 2004
An interview with Jim King, Keynote Speaker at HT04.

March 30, 2004
An interview with Doug Engelbart, Keynote Speaker at HT04.

February 25, 2004
An interview with Jim Whitehead, General Chair of HT04.