Odysci is a new portal for search and rank of technical papers and peer collaboration, specialized in the computer science, electronics, and related areas. Odysci offers new interesting ways to search and to allow the user to control and narrow the results. For instance, a user can search for papers written by an author while he/she worked at a given place. To find papers written by Leslie Lamport while at SRI, one would search for “lamport@SRI”. Alternatively, a user can search for papers on a given topic written by authors of a given institution. For example, the search "logic synthesis author@"University of California, Berkeley" will return papers on logic synthesis written by UC Berkeley authors. One can also search for papers which received awards. To search for the best papers in the Hypertext conferences, one would use "venue:Hypertext bp:true".
Besides search, the portal also offers: (a) Information about upcoming conferences and deadlines, (b) Lists of best papers (and the ability to search for them), and (c) Comments by experts in different fields (our Online Editors).


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